Permanent Makeup


There are many reasons. Many times it can be simply a matter of convenience. It saves time in the morning when most of ladies are super busy and rushed. Some of us have light features we’d like to have enhanced.  It is very beneficial for those who have lost vision to see or a steady hand to apply make up any longer with ease.  It also is nice for times when we sweat or lose our makeup in water activities. And for some it can restore from side effects of chemotherapy or radiation, trauma, or a burn.


At your appointment we will discuss your expectations and any concerns you might have.

There is paperwork that will need to be filled out. Items such as; a general health history form, a consent form for treatment and one for photos .

Before and After photos will be taken . This is NOT negotiable and is part of your record.  You decide what permission I have to use your photos,  publicly or keep them private.

After care instructions will be reviewed.

THE APPOINTMENT WILL TAKE APPROXIMATELY 2-2.5 HOURS for one procedure. More time for combined procedures.



Pigment is implanted into the skin by small needles that puncture skin at a high frequency.  The needles leave behind pigment using a cosmetic Sapphire Pro machine, tattoo rotary machine or microblading hand tools.  I use EverAfter Pigments and Permablend Pigments on the face. They are extremely stable and high quality so they stay true to color.

“  I also only use Ever After Pigments whose formula is based off of a 30 year old formula that has been used globally without reaction or color change.  They only use the highest quality pigment and do not use any dyes, additives, or solvents. Ever After Pigments are also PH balanced and EU approved which surpasses US standards.” ~ Liz Cook tattoo.



To ensure complete take of the pigment on the face, there are always 2 appointments scheduled- 6 weeks apart. Then maintenance touch ups are done per individual needs at a lowered cost for the life of your tattoo.

I'm also a participating Harmony Microblade artist.



Yes, to varying degrees just like with a body art tattoo. This can be amplified by the pH of our skin and the oiliness of our face but also environmental factors like sun. Sun protection is a must! For these and other reasons, touch up applications are accepted as a common practice for facial tattoos to keep things bright and defined. It will look very dark in the beginning, then heal, peel and fade to the final result.

Also skin procedures like lasers and chemical peels and creams applied like retinols and acids (like AHA, glycolic, & salicylic) can accelerate exfoliation and fade the tattoo at a much faster rate than normal. These are always to be avoided in the tattoo area.


Yes, cosmetic tattooing  is safe. No procedure comes without risks involved however, such as allergic reaction to the ink and infection of the skin/ tissue. We will discuss the risks at the time of your appointment.  Single-use disposable needles and disposable cups for pigments are used along with strict aseptic protocols for handwashing and gloves are worn at all times.

Post procedural instructions, should be followed to ensure safe healing.


Please always check with your physician and MRI technician (especially if you have eyeliner tattoo). However,  in the instances where MRI discomfort has resulted, it usually is reported as localized and temporary.

Note: the pigment formulas I use are based on body art ink formulas which contains minerals.


Everyone has a different pain tolerance but most patients report it very tolerable. Numbing creams and gels are used before and during the procedure. Expect pain and swelling afterwards that should resolve in 1-7 days depending on the procedure.


Aftercare is primarily a matter of keeping the area clean and moisturized. See the aftercare instructions you are provided at your appointment.


Absolutely- adults only please. Do not bring pets. As always, encouragement and input from friends and loved ones is welcomed during your visit. However,  if disrespectful, intrusive, or distracting behavior occurs during your appointment,  the party  will be asked to leave per artist’s discretion and return when you are ready to be picked up. You will need a driver for eyeliner procedures.


Scheduling should be only after complete healing from any surgery or invasive procedure.

I advise waiting  1 year of ceasing treatment on any medication with Isotretinoin such as Claravis, Sotret, Myorisan, Amnesteem, Absorica, Accutane, Zenatane Accutane.

Waiting   4 weeks after Botox, fillers, facial peels, tanning or sunburns

Waiting 6 weeks after ceasing chemotherapy or the use of cytotoxic antineoplastic agents and your counts should be within an acceptable range per your physician to have the procedure done. If this is the case, I'd prefer a note clearing you to have the procedure from your physician.

You do not have to stop using immunosuppressive medication but know it can delay/ prolong healing.

If you are Diabetic, your HBA1C must be in a good range and again your condition can prolong healing.

Skin must be completely free of tinted or fake tan lotions

Do not use recreational drugs or alcohol for 48 hrs prior to procedure. Also , you must not smoke. Nicotine constricts your vascular system and will impede oxygen necessary to heal your tattoo. I suggest this is abstained from for 3 weeks before and after your sessions.

If you take aspirin or an NSAID for aches and pains, I would prefer you use tylenol (if you can tolerate it) as it does not thin the blood, for a few days prior to the tattoo.  However, DO NOT STOP regularly prescribed blood thinning medications from your physician, (aspirin or prescriptions).  The tattoo is a superficial procedure, not an invasive surgery.

Make sure you eat on the day of the procedure.

Wear a comfortable, loose fitting clothing

Please wear your makeup to the procedure and bring your typical brow, liner, lip color for color matching.


  • Lip procedures:

    • If you get cold sores:

      • Prescription medication should be taken 3 days prior to procedure and 7 days during healing. You must get this from your doctor! The lip tattooing will cause an outbreak!

      • I recommend everyone take 1000/mg L-lysine daily 10 days prior to and during healing (Make sure there are no drug interactions prior to this with current medications).

      • If you get canker sores, you should be totally healed and free of any for at least 7 days prior. Reschedule if needed.

  • Eye Liner Procedures

    • Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to treatment and be free of any lash enhancing serums for two months.

    • Contacts will be asked to be taken out prior to procedure the day of and I highly recommend that you only wear glasses until 7 days after healing. If this is not possible, contacts may be put back in the following day at your own risk. Ointment will be applied in the eye to minimize the risk of a corneal abrasion which can happen during this procedure. Please make the tattooer aware if you have a history of any problems with your corneas.

    • **A friend is recommended to take you home, especially if you feel you are not able to drive after due to swelling.


        Includes the primary application and one touch up session                                               done at 6 weeks

               (discounts may be provided for combined services)

  • Eyebrows

    • MICROBLADING - $550

    • Blade n' Shade - $550

    • Machine hair strokes - $550

    • Powder Fill - $550

    • Machine Strokes/Powder Combo - $550

  • Eyeliner –defined line or lash enhancement

    • Upper OR Lower Lid - $375

    • Both Upper & Lower Lid - $500

    • Designer/Dramatic - $100 additional charge

  • Lips

    • Liner - $375

    • Full Lip Color - $500

  • Corrective (you had previous undesirable tattooing elsewhere that needs fixed)

    • see above - with possible additional costs ,varies per individual, could require additional sessions. Prices quoted individually.


Process of Payment – Full price paid at first appointment, which includes both sitting sessions. (Initial and secondary/ follow up 6 week application appointments.)

Cash or credit payment is accepted.

Maintenance touch ups at a reduced fee (1/3 of the initial cost) for the life of your tattoo.


If you are a cancer survivor interested in microblading through the Thrive Beauty foundation, Thrive Beauty must be contacted to see if you are a candidate and approval must  be obtained before we schedule you.  




Note: permanent make up is NOT covered by your health insurance no matter the reason.

***If you are receiving a breast tattoo or permanent make up for a restorative purpose such as, post-mastectomy nipple tattooing,  post-breast surgery areola repigmentation, loss of brows from cancer treatments or a burn,  please bring a physician prescription.  Any cosmetic tattoo not prescribed by a physician will be charged sales tax.  Breast reconstruction tattooing is always considered medical and not cosmetic.