Client Testimonial Stories


“If you know anyone who has had or has breast cancer and has had a mastectomy please tell them about Christina Johnson-Siegel. She did such a good job on my tattoos yesterday. I wish I could show everyone, no I won’t but I want to! My surgery is 12 years old and she redid my color for me. I never could have imagined she could give me back something that has been gone for 12 years! She took her time and mixed colors exactly how she wanted and made sure everything was perfect. I am so happy with the result!”   — H.M. July 2015

“I just wanted you to know that I got home and showered and they look amazing! I can’t thank you enough. You’re a special person and it has to make you feel good knowing you are making women beautiful. Thank you!!!!”   — S.B. October 2015

“Hi Christina!! Just wanted to let you know that my oncologist and my plastic surgeon ..both in Cincinnati.. are very pleased with your 3D nipple tattoos. I gave them both cards and they will likely be giving referrals. Thanks again!” - S. H. December 2015

"My tattoos look perfect already. At a glance I almost forget. :) " - P.C. November 2016

"Chrissy is absolutely amazing! I will admit, I have shown them off to a few people.  Making the decision to have both of my breasts removed a year ago was not an easy decision.  Having my nipples tattooed on made me feel whole again.  I look in the mirror and don't see scars, I see me.  Thank you SO much Chrissy!"                                       - C.S. December 2016

"Really love my tattoos. My daughter can't believe how real they look. Thanks again Chrissy!!!" - A.P. December 2016

"I never would have thought I could look this good again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such an incredible job!"      - M.W. January 2017

“I love my eyebrows!!! Chrissy is the best at microblading!” - T.H.  January 2017

“I can’t believe how much of a difference microblading made for my brows. I love them so much!” - H. M. January 2017

“I have been meaning to message you for a while. Even though I still am not happy with my implants, I am very happy with my tattoos. I am glad that I did that for myself.”             - K.B.  March 2017

"I LOVE my new eyebrows, Christina!  You did such a wonderful job start to finish.  When you have chemo brain like I do, it helps to hear things more than once.  Christina explained to me what would happen before we even scheduled an important.  At the appointment, she explained all along the way and she was so concerned about my comfort.  It was a wonderful experience.  It's amazing to have full length eyebrows without having to draw them on.  I didn't fully realize what it would do to my confidence.  I cannot thank you enough, Christina!!  This has been a wonderful gift to end my treatment." - D.K. June 2017

"I want to thank you again for my tattoos.  I was just admiring them.   They are fabulous! I truly appreciate you and OhioHealth! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"                     - A.H. June 2017

"Thanks Chrissy! It has been a game changer. I have wanted this for a very long time. I really appreciate your wonderful gift that you have given to me and to so many others. Thank you. Have a great Sunday!" -P.S-T.  July 2017

"If anyone is in need of 3 d nipple tattoos no need to look any further then Christina. I had a bilateral mastectomy and my plastic surgeon recommend Christina to do my nipple tattoos and I could not be happier. Thanks so much Christina can't stop looking at them."- L.G. Oct 2017

"Christine amazed me with her talent. My tattoos are beautiful, so happy with the result. Equally impressed with her professionalism, kindness, and charm!" -J.A. Dec 2017

"I am to the moon happy with my new tattoos!!! It is definitely been life altering to be whole again" -C.K. Jan 2018

"I was diagnosed with stage 0 DCIS in my right breast. I decided to undergo a bilateral mastectomy in May 2017. I received my breast implants in September 2017. I was contemplating 3d nipple tattoos because I felt uncomfortable with my breasts, and it changed my life. My breasts now look realistic and I have Dr. Natalie Jones (oncologist) Dr. Carol Greco (ob-gyn) Dr. Tyler Angelos (plastic surgeon) and Christina Siegel ( who did my wonderful 3-D nipple tattoos) to thank. If you are deciding if nipple tattoos are for you, consult with Christina at Living Story Tattoo. She will complete your breast reconstruction journey and make you feel whole again." - A.D. Jan 2018

“I am to the moon happy with my new tattoos!!! It is definitely been life altering to be whole again.” C.K. Jan 2018

“I just wanted to say THANKS again for my new nips!! You do such amazing work. Today was my ahhh moment looking in the mirror and it’s all because of you!” Anon. Apr 2018

“Thank you again, Chrissy! I’m so happy with how they look! … My husband: ‘Those look incredible. THey look so much more amazing than I was expecting. i’m blown away. You did good.’” Anon . July 2018

“Hi Chrissy! I have intended to text you all week to let you know how happy I am with my new nipples! If I didn’t have the surgical scars, I think it would be impossible to tell that they aren’t the originals! Your work is amazing and I am so glad that I had heard of your reputation among many other survivors. As you know, it has been an almost two-year process from diagnosis to finally getting my nipple tattoos. This was the culmination of the entire journey and I feel I have come full circle. For your beautiful heart and compassion, I will be forever grateful. you are truly one in a million!” S.B. Sep 2018



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